Paris might tour

Paris Hilton at a salon in Beverly Hills (10/29)

Can you image Paris Hilton with a bunch of horny groupies following her around the country? It may happen. Yikes. Talk about adding fuel to the fire. She may literally have sex with a million guys. From the New York Daily News:
Paris Hilton, the world tour? The heiress, who is currently in the studio recording her second album, recently talked about how things are going to OK! magazine

If all goes as she says, that performance could lead to Hilton's first ever tour. The socialite-turned-reality TV star has already released one album, "Paris," on her own label Heiress Records, and perhaps surprisingly the critical reception wasn't all bad. Her album even reached the sixth position on the Billboard 200 list.

Wait a minute, Paris' last album reached number six on the charts? What . . . who . . . where . . . why? Am I trapped in The Twilight Zone? Here's a little tip for people actually wanting to listen to a self-absorbed, no-talent, annoying chick wail for hours: don't buy Paris' new CD -- just watch a Tyra Banks Show marathon. And for those planning on actually attending Paris Hilton's concert, I'd imagine it'll be a lot like having surgery: you'll need plenty of antibiotics, and when it's over you'll be scarred for life.

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