Five influential Chinese stars of 2008 and 2009

A grand ceremony was held in Beijing by Fashion Weekly magazine to honor the most influential Chinese stars of 2008 and 2009. In today's Countdown, we take a close look at five stars who caught the media's eye.

No.5: Zhao Ziqi

Actress Zhao Ziqi dazzled the crowd as she walked down the red carpet. Her princess white skirt set her apart from other actresses. Zhao's beauty helped her walk away with the "Healthy Female Star Award".

No.4: Francis Ng

Veteran Hong Kong actor Francis Ng didn't stick to the burlesque look in his latest film "Tracing Shadow". The actor-turned-director showed his sense of humor as he joked about box office prospects for his latest movie. Francis won one of the night's most coveted awards, "the Most Influential Star."

No.3: Ma Yili and Wen Zhang

The husband-and-wife duo Ma Yili and Wen Zhang were among the A-list at the ceremony. Their collaboration in the hit television series "Struggle" led to more than good reviews. After falling in love on set, the two finally tied the knot. Since then, their marriage has been constantly under the spotlight. Ma Yili won the award for "Most Popular Actress" and Wen Zhang won the "Breakthrough Actor" award.

No.2: Miao Pu

Actress Miao Pu's orange gown was one of the most eye-catching outfits of the night. Miao has kept busy this year. She starred in the film "The Great Cause of China's Foundation" which will hit theatres soon. She will also appear in six television series this year. Miao Pu's growing popularity won her the "Best Actress" Award.

No.1: Liu Yan

Liu Yan, a former dancer was invited as a special guest. She was paralyzed after an injury during a rehearsal for the opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympics. Although she attended as an award presenter, she received a resounding applause from the audience. She appeared on stage in a wheelchair wearing a green gown.

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