First a Rapper, Now Baron Cohen Character Brüno Crashlands in Marie Claire's Lap

Speaking of cam whores, Sacha Baron Cohen could be the next reason why anyone bothers to pick up and actually read a fashion magazine this season. After shocking the world on live television this week at the MTV music awards, Cohen’s character Brüno goes on to crashing Marie Claire with a brilliant photoshoot with Alexandra Ambrossio and hilarious interview.

…The fake Austrian fashion critic follows in the footsteps of Naomi Campbell, someone he takes to task in his A-Z of fashion must haves.

‘She’s amazing - 20 years in ze business und all the pressure und fame hasn’t changed her a bit. She’s remained a total b****.’

On Pink he reveals: ‘Just vatching him now on MTV. A great singer und so hunky.’

Winehouse is ‘… not too skinny, in fact, for ein junkie she is actually zehr fat.’

And as for Madonna, he claims L is for ‘Little black child… thanks to Madonna… it’s zis season’s vardrobe essential.’

I can forecast what is going to happen in the next couple of months before his movie is released into theaters– eighty-year-old women are going to use hooked on phonics in order to read this article, and little children will roam the streets are prostitues just to get enough money to repeatedly watch this movie over and over and over again.

This time around, I can only hope there aren’t any catch phrases or at least people unfunny enough to excessively parrot them.

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Sexy] [nude] [Paris Hilton] [Britney Spears ] [topless] [Jessica Alba]

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