Rosie O'Donnell on the link between disease and thoughts

I like Rosie O'Donnell. And I will still like her even after I write this post. But I was so disappointed to see the following comments on her blog. Rosie.com, regarding the connection between disease and "darkness," in reference to dark thoughts.

On August 18th, a reader named Mike wrote, "Did you really tell a cancer patient that liars get cancer?"

Rosie responded:

i had a conversation
with a friend/co worker
about how the physical and spiritual r connected

that the darkness is where disease lives

all humans lie
On August 19th, Rosie received another question on this topic from a reader named Kim.

Kim wrote, "Some of the most wonderful, loving, positive people I know have died of cancer. I don't believe what you say is true. Some of the meanest people live on and on. As with much of life... it's a mystery."

Rosie responded:

but to choose darkness
is to invite illness
i believe

And from an August 20th post, a reader named Tracy writes, "DISEASE equals DIS EASE. I so agree with you. A lot of it is attitude and perception. Thanks."

To which Rosie responds: yes

I know that Rosie's mom died of cancer when Rosie was young, so I can't imagine that she really thinks that people can bring illnesses like cancer on with their own thoughts.

Maybe there is some context I am missing here as they are just blog snippets? Or maybe I just don't get it.

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